The Wonderful Law of Attraction (English Version)

Live in a world that has taught you harsh truths. The ancient generations have told you that prosperity, prosperity and wealth make sense only for those who have destiny as friends and lots of luck. For example, they also taught you that your health is subject to millions of external variables that can jeopardize it at any time. We can also say this for love, wealth and health.

These “truths” are exclusively superstitious beliefs handed down by a generation that has been wrong, which has been blinded by a simple truth, which has brought immense wealth and prosperity to a select few.

But we are all endowed with infinite powers. We are all guided by this powerful law. This universal law is so precise that you will have no trouble building the life of your dreams. It does not even matter in what region, state, country you are in. We are all connected by the same power. THAT OF ATTRACTION LAW !!

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The law of attraction says that any event, positive or negative, is attracted to you. The law of attraction always acts. In every moment of your life, reading this article is not a coincidence. And it works according to your thoughts. Whenever you make a thought, the law of attraction comes into action.

When we think of the past, the present or the future, the law of attraction never ceases to act. There are no pause or stop buttons. It responds to everything you think. To get the most out of this law, as it is activated whenever you think, you will have to issue only positive and productive thoughts.

Knowing exactly what you want is essential to activate the law of attraction. Having doubts will send an uncertain and unclear request. This could lead to unwanted results. So make sure you really want what you are asking for. You must be aware of your thoughts and remember to choose the most productive thoughts for you.

As Dr Joe Vitale says: “remember that you are the masterpiece of your life, you are the Michelangelo of your life, and the David you are sculpting is you, and you sculpt it with your thoughts”.

To fully exploit the Law of Attraction, it is necessary to totally change the way of life. Nothing is complicated. It is very simple to exploit the greatest universal law. I will never get tired of telling you. Because thanks to this change that my life has changed in a superlative way. And I want so much that ALSO YOU come to this Change.


Begin to stop complaining. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Everything that happens outside of you is nothing but the mirror of your soul. The reflection of your thoughts. So everything that happens negative in your life is only your responsibility. Complaining is not the result of yourselves. Complaining can only bring you into a state of mind that goes against destruction. When you complain about something, examine yourself. What’s wrong. Clean yourself inwardly. You will see how your exterior will change. Remember the Ho’oponopono method. Ho’oponopono method to change your life!

When you complain, increase the chances of everything happening again. Begin to have a positive attitude. When you have a positive attitude in your expectations you tend to attract positive events and circumstances, but when you have a negative attitude, you will tend to attract negative facts and circumstances.

You will find yourself attracting the predominant thoughts that stop and pause in your mind. Whether they are conscious thoughts or unconscious thoughts.

Begin to try Gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful feeling that transforms your mood into a magnet that attracts other things to be grateful for. Being grateful changes the vision in the world considerably. It is the opposite effect of complaining. Do some of you.

If each of you practiced gratitude, and at the present moment, all worries, fears, anxieties, difficulties would all resolve. Miracles will begin to approach you. If we were truly grateful for the moment, we would understand how happy we are and at peace right now. To have gratitude means to notice the good in everything is in every moment. Living in gratitude you will understand that all you have now is a gift is a miracle. To have gratitude means to thank in every moment of the day both with meditation and with prayer. If you begin to practice gratitude, the whole planet around you will change as an enlightenment.

You will begin to understand that in every moment of your life the universe has given you so much that you will rarely understand it. With gratitude you will begin to raise your vibration to attract any moment that will always be better. You will begin to recognize all that you already have now. And you will become like a magnetic field, which attracts more and more reasons to be grateful. Begin to look around and look for everything you feel to express gratitude. Gratitude is the most powerful thing you can do to turn them into better people.

We also know that the word “attraction” ends with the word “action”. After you decide what you want to achieve, the law says, get in the right path and “act” to “attract” that desire to you. The universe after you have asked, will put into motion all its potential to bring it to you.


But it must find a well paved road. If you start to find large holes, dusty, with detours that lead out of the lane, or even, closed road, it will be impossible for you to arrive.

The holes and deviations are our old limiting thoughts. The wrong actions. The prejudices. Little faith. Useless distractions. Wrong beliefs.

All of this can prevent the universe from finding the way for you. And then, know that the arrival of your desire is not like the story of the genius of the lamp. He asks and arrives instantly. I understand that so many explanations regarding the law of attraction are a little controversy. It does not work like this. The request must be made with faith and awareness that this desire has left for you. Now it’s up to you, “act, take action” to get it to you. The request is already there. Ready for you. It is we who must become aware that we must work with the universe. Remember when I told you, “what is up to you to do, do it! What is not your responsibility, stop! “.

After you have asked and desired, put yourself in action. Start moving. After that, the universe will begin to move things for you. When then, there is a kind of stop, stop! Understand if it is your competence or not. Because so you risk stifling the intent of the universe to help you. You also risk literally preventing your desire to reach you. Maybe, the right way to get that desire and take an initial failure. Acting repeatedly, but repeatedly, also involving some wrong and negative thinking, change the fate of your desire. The farmer does not dig continuously to see if the fruit or seed is growing. Prepare the ground. The plant. Water it when it’s watering it. It removes the weeds that grow. As long as the shoot arrives. Make no mistake!

Whatever you let manifest in your thoughts is what you will have. But you need to produce thoughts that reflect what you want to have. One thing that can stop you from seeing the beauty of this statement is your own skepticism.

One way to start producing appropriate thoughts for the realization of your desires is to fill you with positive thoughts. The first thing you need to remember about the law of attraction is that it does not distinguish between good and bad things. It acts based on your thoughts.


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Example: if you feel bad because you think you are poor, despite having money in your pocket, the universe will introduce situations in such a way as to make you feel even worse than being poor.

The trick to controlling your thoughts is to give yourself the opportunity to calm your mind and focus on a primary goal. You can calm your mind through meditation.

You do not have to fill your mind with thoughts about what you want all the time. This will diminish the quality of your life and make you obsessive unnecessarily.

Choose an important moment of the day to devote to the natural flow of the thoughts that you will generate. Think of the whole process as a creation. You are creating an image of how you want the universe to treat you. To have the most positive thoughts, it is necessary to feel something positive starting from within. This is because the sensations are intimately linked to what you think.

This is the Secret. The sensations. Thinking with positive sensations emanating vibrations to the universe that will attract to you your equivalent.

The way is to feel like you already own it.

Once you understand this, the next thing to learn is how to start attracting better events into your life by grasping your mental reins through meditation and manipulation of emotional control with special techniques.

Knowing exactly what you want is the fundamental step to activate the law of attraction. Having doubts will send an uncertain and unclear request. This could lead to unwanted results. So make sure you really want what you are asking for. You must be aware of your thoughts and remember to choose the most productive thoughts for you. The Universe does not need to listen to your words so you will not need to talk. Thoughts, feelings and images will be more than enough. The Universe will respond. It is important that you feel that your requests will be answered.

Practicing visualization and trying to imagine yourself already in possession of desires or already protagonists of the desired situations is essential. The more detailed your requests will be, the better.


“You will start to become increasingly aware of the miracles all around you and the events in your life will begin to unfold in what seem like magical and mysterious ways.”


Once I saw an interview by Oprah Winfrey with Jim Carrey, here’s what the Hollywood superstar told about the power of visualization:

As soon as he arrived in Los Angeles, he spent his evenings proposing himself in different clubs to launch his comic career. Every evening, on the way back home, Jim stopped by the car in a place called Mulholland Drive, from where you could see all the illuminated Hollywood, and there he spent time in Visualization.

He saw himself as a great star, he saw with his mind’s eye the best proposals that offered him, receive appreciation from people important for his work.

Jim says:

You can not view and then go and eat a sandwich. I just wrote a 10 million dollar check, figuring it was the payoff for my performance as an actor and I gave myself a 5 year time frame, maybe three years and I gave it a Thanksgiving Day 1995, then I put it in my wallet and kept it and kept it in my hands. Just before Thanksgiving I learned that I would earn $ 10 million for my performance in the film “Scemo and more Scemo. Our intention is everything. Nothing happens on this planet without us. There is not one thing that is accomplished without intention. I remember when I was a child, I was in the living room and I was entertaining people, and I tried to bring relief to my mother, who was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Everything tormented her, she was depressed and I wanted her to be free, I wanted her to know that her life was worth something because she had given life to someone who was worth something. One day, in my room, I read something about Buddha, he said that all spirituality is relieved by suffering and suddenly I realized “It’s what I’m doing, from there in the other room! My purpose is in agreement with this “, so I felt incredibly lucky, at the thought of doing something that has value, and I appreciated the fact that we are all one. You can ask the Universe. Fear plays its part in life, but you can decide a lot. You can spend your entire life imagining ghosts, worrying about the future, but all that will be is what is happening here, through the decisions we make at this time, which are based on love or fear. Thus, many of us choose their own path for fear, disguised as practical sense. What we really want seems out of our reach and it seems so ridiculous to expect it, so we do not dare to ask the universe. For what I can say, it’s just about putting the universe aware of what you want, and working in favor of that thing, regardless of how it will happen. In my opinion, it’s about letting the universe know what you want and heading towards it, letting go of how it could happen. Your job is not understanding how it will happen for you. It’s about opening a door in your mind and when that door opens into real life, go through it. And do not worry about losing the signal, since there are always doors that open, and that remain open. When I say “life does not happen to you, it happens for you” I think it’s really true, I’m just making a conscious choice to see the challenges as something beneficial that I can deal with in the most constructive way. I believe in the event. I believe in launching a rocket of desire in the universe. And you will get it when you believe it. Please believe me! My father could have been a great comedian, but he did not believe it was possible for him. So he made a conservative choice, chose a secure job, as an accountant. When I was 12, he was sent away from that safe job, and my family had to move on. I had great lessons from my father, one of these is that you can fail in what you do not like. So you’d better run the risk of choosing to do what you love.

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Here is the secret behind the success of Jim Carrey, in addition to his talent of course.

When visualized, do not forget to experience emotions and sensations. Because it is the sensation that causes attraction. Feel as if your dreams had already become reality. Act, talk and think as if you are realizing right now. This is the secret, this is the fundamental and indispensable point for the law of attraction to work. The Universe is able to perceive your thoughts and emotions, show them trust and he will reciprocate by making your dreams come true.

Feel grateful for everything you already have, the Universe has already done a lot for you. If, for example, the person you love comes back to you, this is a reason for gratitude, if it does not come back probably the Universe has other projects for you and this too must be a reason for gratitude. Gratitude is a fantastic process of realization of your desires.

It is necessary for you to become a person capable of really manifesting the things you desire. You have to commit yourself to focus on positive thoughts, inevitably, you will make sure that the existing positive energy is renewed and positively transforms negative energy and thoughts, making changes in your life. Too much of your time is spent thinking about the past or imagining the future, while the Universe knows only “now.” The Universe is always in the present moment, so you have to be active and think in the here and now, in order to manifest the things you want.

I have already talked about this, but let us specifically repeat what are the fundamental steps to making this most powerful universal law work in a productive way.

  • Decide what you want.
  • Ask yourself or the Universe (strength of purpose).
  • Really believe that you will have it.
  • View
  • Act!
  • Prepare to receive it (calm your thoughts)

Decide what you want.

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If you are influenced by the opinions of others when you have to decide something, you will not succeed in any undertaking, much less that of transforming your desires into wealth. If you are influenced by the decisions of others, you will have no desire that is truly yours.

The value of decisions depends on the courage necessary to take them. The biggest decisions, the ones that have marked the turning points of our civilization, have been taken with enormous risks, often even risking their lives. Who makes decisions quickly and with certainty knows what he wants and generally gets it. The leaders, in any area of ​​life, decide quickly and firmly; it’s the main reason why I’m in charge. The world has a habit of making room for those who demonstrate, with their own words and actions, to know where they want to go. Indecision is a habit that is usually taken by young people. It is strengthened as it grows. The firmness in making decisions always requires courage, sometimes enormous courage.

Those who decide precisely to get a specific job and get what they want from life does not put life at risk, but their own economic independence. Wealth, economic independence, a pleasant work activity and a satisfying career are not within the reach of those who neglect or refuse to expect them, to plan and to demand them.

Ask yourself or the Universe (strength of intent).

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Have clear ideas about what you want to order from the Universe or God, it depends on your beliefs. Ask in detail what you want. Understand which things to achieve, they will make you feel good and will give you happiness. As you do so, let yourself be led by this divine force. Ask with all my heart open and receptive. Do not stifle the emotions, let them out! Express your feelings to the Universe and not hold back. Ask for the miracle with blind and passionate faith.

Do not be afraid to say openly what you want with simple and clear words. Ask the Universe or God to grant you this request. At this point it is acceptable to be direct. Your precise request requires concentration and commitment. To avoid the mind wandering, do not fill your requests with useless phrases and pompous and complicated words, all this will not make you better in his eyes. This does not mean that it does not understand you, it understands you anyway, but it is to simplify your connected thoughts.

You are here to give orders. The universe listens and responds. If you think you have to do it yourself, the universe and its principles will reflect your will and your conviction: you will feel alone. Instead of thinking that the universe is a part detached from you, go further, remember that everything and everyone is connected. You are alive in the universe, and the universe is alive in you. The universe exalts to see you smile and to feel your joy. It is through you that it smiles and experiences joy. Use it, sure it listens to you.

Really believe that you will have it.

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Believe, have Faith in what you have asked for. And that is beginning to come true. Believe that what you asked for already exists on the Invisible level, and that the Universe or God is making everything around you move to make it Visible. The request you have made requires an absolute Faith. Act, talk and think as if you are about to receive it, or better yet, that you already have it at hand.

Remember that the Universe is the mirror of your thoughts. Our most dominant thoughts will return us to reality. As human beings you tend to desire things according to your times. But it is difficult for this to happen, you must be patient and wait for the times of the Universe to be blessed. Do not be discouraged and do not give up. While you wait, you must always continue to imagine and live as if you are in possession of desire. As you wait, firmly believe that the Universe will give you the desire you have asked for.


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Creative visualization is a very powerful process. Too bad that it is known by a few. If you use it well, though, you can get everything you want. Creative visualization is useless if you do it only once in a while. You must practice it at least once a day. It’s not a problem if every 2-3 weeks jump one evening for a good reason, but you have to visualize your goal once in the evening until it happens.

Feel positive during the day, believe it and expect it to happen during the day. You have to feel like you have what you want and see it every day. Every day you have to expect it to happen because it happens. How long does it take? It depends on how big your goal is.

There are no manuals that tell you how long it takes, but big goals will need more time than more simple objectives. Focus on what you want, not what you do not want. The specificity is clarity, it is power, but not exaggerated: make sure that everything remains light and fun.

If you do not see any sign of approach to what you want, do not stop viewing and do not doubt, this would tell the universe that you do not believe it will happen and your goal will die like a watered down plant. Remember that if you are very doubtful about this process but want to use it anyway, you have to get rid of doubts, because they could block all the good that could come.

If you believe it enough, in a few days you should see them and probably your confidence in the process will come out reinforced. Also try to read all the success stories and visualization studies.

If your friends are not sufficiently open to this kind of thing, do not talk to them: they could raise your doubts.


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Bring your mood as if you are experiencing what you have asked for. Feel well. When you are well, you are more prepared to receive what you have asked for. Positive vibrations to the Universe are emanated. Close your eyes and imagine you already have it. Do you remember the power of imagination and focus? This is what I tell you. Imagination has allowed many men of our history to achieve everything.

Feel your feelings, and emanate them to the Universe. After your mind is ready to accept your desires, go to Act. Opportunities will come to you in the course of your life. And if you do not take the opportunity that the Universe or God is giving you, or at that moment you do not want to act, it means that you are not on the right path.

This Divine source (Universe or God) will lead you to take actions to get where you want. So, whenever the opportunity comes, and you feel the right motivation, do not postpone it, do not think about it. When you get the right impulse that is the right choice, Act !! When you have a dominant thought, your brain activates perception neurons, where you can easily identify your thinking. As if it were a rader.

However, this does not mean that we do not have to do anything to get to what we have asked for, hoping it will come to us. If you take the word attraction, you will see that the last letters form the word “action”. So, begin to Act and do Actions and stay active on your path. Think also about words, determination and satisfaction. Without action, none of these words are activated.

After you have decided what you want in life, Act. Stay focused on achieving your goal. If you want to attract the desire required to you, you must Act. To get what suits you, you must Act. If you want events that determine your change, Act.

Prepare to receive (calm your thoughts).

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If you feel like you can not determine when it’s time to stop thinking, you probably need to learn to let go of your thoughts. Imagine that thinking is like breathing, an action that you constantly do without realizing it. At the right moment, however, each of you can choose to interrupt your breathing, in the same way meditation will teach you to stop the flow of your thoughts.

A brief meditation every morning can have a significant impact on your ability to live in the present moment, and let go of all your heavy thoughts. You can also meditate in the evening, before going to sleep to calm your mind and relax your body.

Getting rid of every thought aloud, even if you are talking to yourself, is the initial phase of the process of letting go. Walk if you feel the need. After letting your ideas come out, you will have started the process of leaving, which will put them in the world away from your thoughts. Walking is a beautiful thing to do. I often do it. It is really a calming and relaxing system. I will tell you, wrapped helps you a lot to be strong to face something uncomfortable.

Dedicate some awareness of your thoughts at least once a day. Taking a moment every day to worry, fantasize, dream, and lose yourself in your thoughts can help you to control it in a very productive way.

Surround yourself with people you love will make you tend to talk more and think less. It is important that you leave home at least a few times a week; also commit yourself to develop a lasting and meaningful relationship with two or three people living in your area to be able to attend. Spending a lot of time alone will be more inclined to think.

Remember, you are not alone. The universe is alive and loving towards you. Understanding his presence, always renew your faith in its magic. Effortlessly commanding to obey your wishes. Faith in the magic.


We have arrived at this crossroads of our life. Above all because something inside us kept repeating “you deserve to be happy”. We were born to add something, we were born to add value in this world. We are born to give the best of ourselves. Whatever we have lived up to now, whatever hard times we have faced, it is all about getting ready for the moment we are living now. We are the ones who create our destiny. Imagine how many things we can do now that we know. No one can dance our dance and no one can sing our song. Nobody can write our story. Our life and our future start now !! We are great! There is something wonderful in us! Understanding all of this, even if you are young or how old you think you are, you will feel emanating this great power in you, pervading your life. It will support your existence in all fields.