To attract to you a Mentality of Abundance (English Version)


Much of the modern world seems to be built on a scarcity mentality. It is a mentality capable of installing a feeling of continuous scarcity in the minds of people, relating to a world where opportunities are few and far between.

Of course, society benefits from it, because when people feel they are suffering from a lack they are brought to buy things, allowing the economy and society to continue to grow and prosper. Here’s what the scarcity effect is for.

An abundance mentality, on the other hand, can help you improve your performance thanks to a lower dose of pressure and mental anxiety.

I give you some suggestions to create and strengthen your abundance mentality.

If you have a scarcity mentality, you probably tend to take things too seriously. Focus on abundance and not on deficiency. Your world will reflect what you focus on.


Since you can not fully understand everything around you, your reticular activation system, the focusing system of your mind, will direct you to the object of your thoughts.

This will allow you to see in the world the abundance that you have missed so far. If, for example, you have a shortage of money, do not focus on your lack. Concentrate and think about the abundance and the multiple possibilities of making money that the world offers you.

Soon ideas and opportunities will start to populate your world. You will be amazed at how what encompasses possibilities and solutions, perhaps a book or an acquaintance, can suddenly appear after being silent for years.

A quick and easy way to eliminate the bad habit of thinking about what you do not have is simply to start appreciating. Appreciate your food, your life, the roof over your head, your friends, your family and so on.

Not only will you be able to change your mood in a few minutes, going from apathy to positivity, you will also be able to notice opportunities that you have missed or forgotten. Your mood will soon become more positive, and it will be easier for you to focus on abundance.

Take the good habit of enjoying the things you have in life every day, dedicating five minutes to this exercise every day.


When you do not see abundance and you do not feel good about yourself, or life in general, it often means that you are not organized. Living in a neat and clean house, with your clothes folded, your documents and your finances under control will allow you to be more disciplined and to start seeing positive and concrete results.

Since the media and advertising can be the generators of our scarcity mentality, it is important to change your source of stimulation with the goal of changing your mindset. Stop watching the news. Record your favorite shows and skip the commercials.

Or, more simply, temporarily eliminate television and the media from your life. Replace the scarcity mentality received from those sources.

How to do?
Attend people who have an abundance mentality. Read, listen, and watch material related to personal development and growth. In addition to reading your favorite individual growth blogs, look for success stories in books and magazines.

Have a positive attitude towards the abundance and success of your friends, family and colleagues. In real life, you attend people who have a high dose of abundance mentality. Be very selective when choosing what to put in your head. Create your own abundance environment.

Another very effective way to realize what you have is to share it.

Does it seem you never have enough money? Donate a part.
Do not you feel loved enough? Love yourself. Do not you receive sufficient praise and recognition? Then return to others. When you donate something you can hardly miss it.

The way to see the world based on scarcity venerates money. That based on abundance reveres passion. When you focus on doing what you are passionate about, abundance will be a consequence.

The term “passion” describes the joy deriving from dedicating yourself to something that is dear to you and that you feel inspired to do it. Passion is the energy of divine inspiration that lives through you. When you manifest passion, you manifest love.

When you live in love, you experience the abundant essence of the Universe. Move attention from abundance and turn to the pursuit of your happiness, to the pursuit of your life’s vocation or mission. This is the way to abundance.

Think of something you like to do:

When you imagine yourself busy doing it, you can not avoid smiling.

The ideal would be to make it simple and affordable, like a walk alone or with your loved one. Play with your children or animals. While doing some chores in the garden. Learn and use a new language or play a musical instrument, listen to music.

Plan when you really engage in this activity with the intention of keeping your engagement today or this week. If the activity involves someone else, talk to this person, share your idea along with every detail about how you would like it to be.

There is always something you can do today to attract passion and joy into your life, even if it is a small step. It is the direction that matters.

“Charity guarantees the highest return on your investment.”

John Marks Templeton

As in the ancient norm of tithing, donating 10 percent of your earnings wherever you suggest inspiration leads to a great sense of physical, mental and even economic wellbeing. Donate leads to receive.

When you donate, you enter the flow of life. Gift is the essence of abundance. Donate wherever you receive spiritual or inspirational nourishment. If you forget this secret, you still believe in scarcity, otherwise you would not avoid giving. Donating is a truthful affirmation of abundance.

Think of an area of ​​your life where you feel you have sufficient resources. Whatever it is, from today and for the next 30 days, donate an anonymous part.

Calculate how much money you have received this month, your total income. How much is 10 percent of that amount? Then, if you feel ready, donate that 10 percent today wherever you have received spiritual support. If 10 percent seems too much, decide what amount you can donate and do it.


When I understood this principle for the first time, I was afraid to donate and give away my money. Then I understood the truth of giving, I began to donate my money.

With this not only increases the chances of earnings, but I have improved in every area of ​​my life. Donating a portion of your income is a lever to multiply what you already own.

Do not take it as a math. The sense of giving, even a simple Euro, to the beggar gives you the feeling of abundance. And this feeling, it brings abundance to you. Because it is your feelings that create the events of life.

Being mentally lucid leads to perfect abundance. Beliefs about suffering from something come from scarcity, not abundance.

To believe that money is bad or that there is not enough for everyone, causes actions of self-sabotage and prophecies that come true for you. You can have a clear mind by reprogramming your mind from conflicts and scarcity. A lucid mind is no longer a victim but a creator.

It is no longer prey to reactions but active. It is no longer lost but lucid.

Most people associate money with abundance. Nonetheless, do not stop at money: do it for any area of ​​your life you need an improvement.