6 Tips to get Rid of Negativity (English Version)

Many of you are living through really difficult times. In sadness, the seed of negativity reaches your hearts and begins to grow, and to grow stronger, day after day; at that point, being able to remove it will not be easy at all.

It will become like the seed of an oak, which by budding, grows more and more becoming a tree with a solid bark and strong roots, so anchored to the ground that it will be almost impossible to eradicate it.

By following these simple steps you can learn how to remove negativity from your mind and your soul. Address these suggestions with a positive attitude and with a heart full of hope.

Find confidence in yourself

The first thing to do is rediscover yourself and learn to know each other. Forget about all external things, pay attention to your life and your situation. Safety in you, that is, your self-esteem, is an essential part of being human.

Self-esteem is that sense or that inner belief that makes you feel able to carry out your tasks and achieve your goals. Self-esteem is a feeling connected to the belief that you are good at carrying out your activities and deserving to live a happy life.

You confident people of you are able to appreciate yourself, do not be afraid of taking risks in order to see your personal and professional goals realized and turn your positive thoughts to the future. On the contrary, if you are a person with a lack of confidence, you feel that achieving your goals is unlikely and you tend to have a negative perspective of yourself and your desires.

The good news is that self-confidence is a quality that can be developed on your behalf.

Let go

All people have the right to be happy, including you. Leaving behind negative experiences will help you. Continuing to ruminate on your past or focusing on your future may make you lose sight of the present, letting life slip by quickly, without you being able to enjoy it.

If you spend too much time reflecting on your past events or traumas or worrying about your future, you can adopt some systems that can help you live in the present. Begin to learn how to manage your emotions related to the past. Regardless of the severity of the event that continues to disturb you, you should externalize your emotions associated with it before you can move on.

There could be some painful experiences, but also good memories. Showing repressed emotions can help you leave the past behind and concentrate on the present.


Let your mind, your body and your soul tell you what is the way to go. As you look at the peak you are trying to achieve, see the fruits of your passion and imagine the impact it will have on your mission, your intuition is already at work to find the best path to follow.

That’s why you do not need maps or projects. There is a time to bring out and write down all the options, but only to authorize your intuition to guide you. With the light of intuition one can nourish the soul, exercise the power, forge a passion, understand a purpose, conceive a mission, manage an activity, improve naturally, reinvent itself effortlessly and make discovery second nature.

Insight is your guide, so let yourself be guided. Do not believe in the idea of ​​the right way: there is no right way for the soul, the spirit or the adventure. There is no need. Your intuition is already occupied.

Think positively

Feed your mind and your soul with positive thoughts, surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good. Do not keep everything inside when you have thoughts, do not accumulate worries.

Share your emotions with someone you trust. Everything in your life can be described in terms of good or bad. Always choose the positive explanation and say it to yourself by creating reasons that show you that the explanation is correct.

If you think it can not work, you probably need to start today! Immediately! Think only of the best, work for the best, and always expect the best. In the course of your day, try to examine your thoughts regularly. Identify the aspects you usually think of in negative terms and turn them into positive ways.

It will also help you to surround yourself with optimistic people, because the pessimistic ones can exalt stress and negativity.

Connect with nature

If you are feeling powerless, or straining, go for a walk at dawn, or at dusk, and breathe in some fresh air. A personal council: walking can elevate your state of consciousness. Use walking meditation.

In an increasingly chaotic and rapidly changing world, what are the techniques for rediscovering peace, personal success and psychophysical wellbeing? How can we transform our lives and discover our real attitudes?

Ho’oponopono is a method of mental and spiritual cleansing, a purification from destructive behavioral models, from the old paradigms that are an obstacle to our personal evolution.


Before starting anything, upload positive energy, read energy phrases or listen to your favorite music. Do something that will make you feel good and give you the right charge.

Self-affirmations are positive or self-written statements that can condition your subconscious mind, making you develop a better and more positive perception of yourself.

The statements can help you modify harmful behaviors, or achieve goals, as well as repair any damage caused by negativity, through all those statements that you constantly repeat to yourself and that contribute to creating a negative perception of you.

The statements are easy to create and use, but you will have to spend time on them to work. Here are some guidelines to help you get the best out of this powerful tool. Watch them and listen to them several times a day, until they become an automatic thought.

Extra suggestions

Remember that even an unpleasant event can teach you an important lesson, so try to also draw from the negative experiences of positive teachings. If you feel down, dedicate a moment to yourself, go outdoors and breathe fresh air. Stop turning the gears of your brain in the wrong direction and try to be more objective.

Does the situation really deserve your time and your tension?

Focus on positive thoughts. Meditation is the best way to clear your mind from negativity. Practice meditating, it will help you to take even more rational decisions, even at the unconscious level, with calm and tranquility. Your reactions will improve without you noticing it. If someone annoys you, or insults you, ask them kindly to leave you alone. If it continues, move away from him.