Thoughts to Make Your Life Wonderful (English Version)


In a historical moment where money, fame and physical beauty are revered, it can be difficult to feel satisfied with one’s life in the absence of such elements. Not feeling satisfied with one’s existence does not necessarily have to be a bad thing, it can in fact become an incentive to get what we have always wanted.

However, it is important to understand that the satisfactions of life must come from within and not from the outside. Look inside to begin to see your real potential.

Be nice. Believe it or not, it could be the first step to discovering your potential. Not considering yourself as good or worthy might prevent you from noticing the effect you can have on others.

The truth is that, regardless of who you are, you have the enormous power to make a positive impact on the world. Your mood can be contagious, just as happiness and positivity are. Research shows that performing a good action towards others increases your feeling of brain well-being thanks to the release of a chemical known as serotonin.

So even if you do not feel at maximum, try to be nice to other people; thanks to this chemical process will make you and others feel better.

Behave as if you are happy and happy will allow you to really feel more joyful. Just like making a kind gesture for others can help you feel better about yourself, pretend to be in a good mood allows you to be happier right away.

Projecting happiness can turn you into a self-fulfilling prophecy. After spending some time smiling in the mirror and making enthusiastic comments about the day in progress, you will find that things are really going well.

A study has shown that the simple hint of a fake smile modifying your facial expression is able to produce some of the automatic changes triggered by a true and sincere smile.

The way you consider yourself and your life can come from what you tell yourself in your mind. In practice, your internal dialogue can decide your fate. When it is positive, it brings safety and confidence, it puts you in a good mood and makes you more efficient.

On the contrary, when it is negative, it leads you into a vicious circle of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.

When you compare your life to that of others, diminish the results you have achieved. The confrontation is a thief of joy. As long as you evaluate your successes by using someone else’s standards, you will never be able to recognize the wonders of your life.

There will always be someone brighter, faster or richer than you. Stop for a few moments to reflect and notice all the wonderful things you have.

Feel grateful. The feeling of gratitude is the only thing missing from most people who have low self-esteem.

If you were able to look beyond yourself, you would understand how many blessings you have and you would be much more inclined to consider your life as favorable.

Learn to speak for yourself. By starting to assert your desires in small things, you will soon be able to make bigger decisions.

One way to change your perspective for the better is to spend more time with people who can make you feel smart and do great things. By spending all your time with people who are sad or insecure and unable to do anything on their own, it is unlikely that you will succeed in making you happy any time soon.

If you find yourself spending most of your time with people making you feel inadequate, then it’s time to cut those ties.

Stop hiding all the things that trouble you under the carpet. It is important to feel that you can be happy with willpower alone, but sometimes you can not reach your goal without facing the factors that make your life less happy. Acting to make your life better is truly admirable and requires hard work.

One of the best ways to make you happy is to work hard to find the time to do whatever you like, whether it’s cooking, writing or being in the middle of nature.

Even just half an hour a day, focusing on your favorite activity can have a big impact on your happiness during the rest of the day. Look at your agenda and find out what you can do to make room for the things you love.

If you want to take action to make you happier, one thing you can do is give you concrete goals and work to achieve them: you will feel that you have a purpose and you will see your push increase, and achieving happiness will become easier.

Setting small goals on the road leading to the bigger ones will make you feel happier along the way to your final destination; on the contrary, the feeling of being happy only when you reach your ultimate goal would make you feel sad along the way.

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